Thermal Imaging and Corona Surveys

11 October 2017

We have the capability to conduct surveys with both IR Camera and UV Camera. We use this equipment today to inspect power lines.

The main usage for our IR Camera is to find hot-spots on the power lines. But thermal imaging can be used for many other applications such as inventory and Search-And-Rescue. Having an IR Camera mounted in a gyro stabilised platform mounted on a helicopter give you the possibility to cover large areas in a short period of time, this is very cost effective. It will also allow an object or area to be inspected from an angle which may not be possible from the ground.

Some companies might also be interested in measuring Corona, this is done with an UV Camera. UV inspection complements other technologies such as the thermal imaging. If your company need both technologies, we can of course provide you with the service. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding how we could assist you with IR and UV surveys.