EC-135 T2+, Helicopter VIP Transportation in Sweden.

EC-135 T2+, Helicopter VIP Transportation in Sweden.

Trust us at HeliAir Sweden with your VIP guests…

Are you looking for help with the planning and execution of a VIP transport that includes helicopter? We are the partner you are looking for, offering total VIP services with start and finish anywhere on the globe.

HeliAir Sweden has long experience of executing VIP-missions. We are a trusted partner to companies, organisations, governments and private individuals. We deliver safe transportation of VIP passengers to right place in time, wherever and whenever.

Advantages flying by air:

  • Higher safety – statistic higher safety to travel by helicopter than car
  • Higher security – difficult to affect helicopters
  • Time saving – no traffic stocking, Point-to-Point travel



HeliAir Sweden Operations department is open H24 supporting with planning and execution. Operations coordinates customers planning with pick-up and drop-off points with timings. All kinds of other requests around the flight, like ground transportation, security and hotels, will be supported by Operations upon customers demands and requirements.

Our Operations coordinates all movements with other air or ground assets for a smooth and safe take-over and hand-over of VIP passengers to right place in right time.



Depending of customer requirements, either a single- or twin-engine helicopter will be used. Or a combination of several. Helicopters are modern and equipped with leather interior. Catering and refreshments according to customers request.



Crews welcomes you and will do all for a pleasant flight. They are experienced from both the civil and military branch. All are highly trained and undergo annual flight training in helicopters and simulators. We are prepared to work around the clock, for a safe flight day or night.



Customers security and secrecy is important and respected. A process to handle customer’s security assessment is in place. Crews are trained in threat analysis and to handle an arising hostile action. HeliAir Sweden have all permissions needed to carry VIPs close protection personnel and their equipment on board.


Don’t hesitate to contact our Operations and discuss next VIP passenger movement.