We’ll assist you with your annual Proficiency Check, just give us a call.

Remember that you can make your Proficiency Check 90 days before the end of the validity period. If you for some reason have missed out on the date for renewal of your type rating, you might have to do some refresher training. Below you find the four different scenarios and what type of refresher training that is required.

  • Less than three months since your rating expired: In most cases it is enough with just the Proficiency Check. Refresher training not required.
  • More than three months since your rating expired but less than a year: Refresher training is required, minimum two training sessions.
  • More than a year has passed since your rating expired: Refresher training is required and in this case minimum three training sessions.
  • If more than three years have passed since your rating expired: in this case you have to complete a full type rating course again.

Within HeliAir Sweden, We are three Examiners. We may perform PC:s on:

  • Bell 206 Jet/Long Ranger
  • AS350 / EC130
  • HU369 /MD500
  • Bell UH-1H
  • EC-135 T2/T2+