Instrument Rating Helicopter


This training course, EASA Instrument Rating Multi Engine Helicopter (IR/ME) is for you who is looking to take your next big step in your helicopter career and make yourself more appealing in helicopter industry.
All the flight training will be made in our EASA approved FNPT II Simulator and Airbus EC135T2+ helicopter at our home base just outside Västerås.

We have our own highly experienced civilian and military instructors that will teach you to fly under IFR and how to operate the necessary equipment when you can’t rely on visual references under IMC.

Course duration is approximately 5 weeks full time studies and training.

The prerequisite is that you have completed the theoretical knowledge for IR(H) and hold an EASA CPL(H) or ATPL(H).

Syllabus include

40 hours in-house flight training in our FNPT II Simulator
8 hours type rating in the EC135T2+
10 hours IFR flight training in EC135T2+

Our ELITE S723T Simulator is designed with a state of the art computer hardware and switches, knobs and simulated instruments have comparable feel to a real helicopter.

The Airbus EC135T2+ is a light utility, twin engine helicopter and a perfect match in getting the Instrument Rating or just a type rating.

Are you already a holder of IR (A) and would like to convert to IR (H)?
No problem! Feel free to contact us and we will make a course specially designed for your needs and previous experience.

For more information or questions, contact us!