About us

From just a small HU269 piston engine helicopter to a modern fleet of Airbus AS350 and EC120B, turbine engines only.

It all started about 10 years ago with just a single helicopter, a HU269 and our CEO and founder Aram Rubinstein. Since then it’s been a great journey to reach our current position in the helicopter business. Today we have multiple big contracts and operate a fleet. of total 9 helicopters. At the beginning we had a small hangar at Bromma Airport but today we have our Head Quarter located at Västerås Airport. The main type of operation we perform is Special Operations (Aerial Work), but we do hold all approvals and certificates from the Swedish CAA for all other type of operations as well such as Commercial Air Transportation and Flight Training. Our ambition is to continuously make our operation safer and more efficient. To move towards that goal we have complete solutions for our customers. Maintenance, training and proficiency checks, it all takes place in-house.

We even have our own fuel supply (Swedfuel Europe AB) to minimise the costs for the customers.

Code of Conduct 2023-10-10

We do it ourselves

With everything under the same roof, we control everything ourselves down to the smallest detail. With the operational, technical and educational components of the company working closely together we have the absolute best conditions possible.

The main base in Västerås is where it all happens: Maintenance and inspection of the fleet and professional development interspersed with refresher training for our pilots and technicians. We ensure that all parts of the organization work in the best way. Since 2013, we have a fully developed system for Quality and Safety Management supporting all areas of the company.

Under each heading below you find more information about the different parts of HeliAir Sweden…


Operations – The flying part of an airline company.


ATO – Approved Training Organisation


Continuing Airworthiness


Maintenance Organisation