Below you find some of the places that we visit more or less regularly. Places that are guaranteed to leave you with an extraordinary experience. It might be a luxury weekend with champagne and spa, or a day trip to the most remote islands in our archipelago.

Flying with one of our helicopters you arrive at Sandhamn in about half an hour from Stockholm. We work together with some of the hotels and restaurants on the island, and we are more than happy to help out with any and all arrangements for your stay, just give us a call!


Sandhamn, a real gem situated far out in the Stockholm archipelago…

Way out in the outskirts of the Stockholm archipelago you find the island Sandhamn, one of the real gems for those who are looking for something out o the ordinary. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and boat owners, and offer all you wish for when it comes to food, beverages and accommodation. The Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS, operates the port in Sandhamn, and also hosts a lot of activities here during the summer. Official regattas such as Gotland Runt and Sandhamnsregattan start from here, along with a number of other activities. The island has, to say the test, an intensive social life during the summer, and has a large marina together with a number of establishments. Follow the links below to find out more about Sandhamn and what it has to offer:

Sandhamn Seglarhotell
Destination Sandhamn



Fine dining, beautiful ambience and a good night’s sleep in the heart of the inner archipelago.

Situated close to downtown Stockholm, Grinda has established itself as one of the most popular islands in our archipelago. The island is owned by a foundation, Skärgårdsstiftelsen, and thanks to that almost all of the island is free to explore as you wish. There are some great beaches on both north and south parts of the island, and when it’s time fore some food and drinks Grinda Wärdshus Hotell & Konferens offers first class services for its guests.

Should you prefer to stay the night, there are several options to choose from, just follow the link below to find out more:: Grinda


One of the largest islands in the archipelago with lots to offer…

Utö is one of the largest islands in the southern part of Stockholm’s archipelago, and since the 1800’s a well visited summer paradise. It has a rich history all from the earliest settlements around 550 bc, with the oldest iron ore mines in Sweden, dated back to the 1000th century, located in the middle of the island. Utö has a number of restaurants, shops and a marina, with the venerable Utö Värdshus offering fine food and accommodation all year round. Find out more via the link below:

Utö Värdshus