The Private Pilot License suits you if you want to fly for fun or as the start of a commercial pilot career.

Flying and reading

To become a certified private helicopter pilot and hold a private pilot license you need to complete and pass both theoretical and practical training programs. HeliAir Academy offers you the practical flight training on multiple helicopter types, which one you want to use during your training is your decision. As for the theoretical part, we work closely together with the best educators for helicopter in Sweden. Get in touch with us, and we’ll see to it that you get in touch with a trainer close to where you live.

We train you until you know the helicopter inside out, and make sure that you can handle all situations in the air that might arise as a private pilot. At the end of the training you are subject to a written exam and a flight skill test with an authorized examiner from the Swedish CAA. Once you’ve passed these tests, you are a holder of a private pilot license for helicopters and can bring your friends and family up in the air…

Before we start the training

To hold a private pilot license you need a Medical Certificate Class 2. Before we start the training we recommend you to take the examination for this Medical Certificate to make sure you have the medical fitness needed to act as a private pilot license. If your intention is to become a professional pilot and take the CPL(H) course in the future we recommend you to take a Medical Certificate Class 1 instead, just to make sure you pass the slightly higher medical requirements to act as a commercial pilot.
During the initial phase of the training you should at least turn 16 years old.

Course curriculum in general

Towards the private pilot license, we need to fly at least 45 hours of flight training. Minimum 10 hours shall be solo, meaning you need to fly without your instructor. The actual time for the course until you have your license depend mostly on your own availability.

Fixed wing conversion

When you realise that helicopter flying is a much greater experience than flying fixed wing, then you have the possibility to get some credit towards a helicopter license if you already hold a airplane license. You will have to take a theoretical course that covers the helicopter specific parts that differ from fixed wing. If needed, we can help you find a suitable flight school with theoretical courses. For the practical flight training, we will gladly assist you. You can get up up to 6 hours credit on the 45 hours requirement depending on your current flight hours on fixed wing. That means, for you, the minimum required flight training might instead be 39 hours.

For questions, prices or anything else related to the flight training, contact us!