To work as a helicopter pilot you need a Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Working as a helicopter pilot is a fun and challenging job with various types of operations to choose from. One day you’ll fly passengers and the next day maybe you’re building a high cell tower. The aim of the CPL Course is to improve your current flight proficiency in order to meet the higher demands placed on you as a commercial helicopter pilot.

Before the course

Before we can start the course you need enough flight experience as a private pilot, to be specific, minimum 155 hours total time in helicopter. You shall also hold a valid EASA Medical Certificate Class 1. Beside that, we require you to have a language proficiency ICAO Level 4 or higher and that your theoretical course for the CPL(H) is completed. We work together with the best theoretical trainers in the country, call or email us, and we’ll get you in touch with a trainer in your area.

Course curriculum in general

During the flight training towards your CPL (H) certification, you will be training with our instructors for a total of 30 hours. During this phase, we’ll make sure that you are properly trained for, and that you can can handle, all situations that might arise for you as a commercial helicopter pilot. All in the safest and best way possible. Compared to the requirements for the Private Pilot License, we now require you to fly with much higher accuracy and with an even greater safety approach.

If you don’t already hold a Night Qualification, we add that to your qualifications as well. The Night Qualification course consist of 5 hours flight training during night time. The aim is to let you familiarise yourself with flying during night time and still be able to perform navigation and emergency procedures in a safe manner and professional.

Fixed wing conversion

Are you already an EASA PPL(A) or CPL(A) holder? if so, you get some credit from your previous flight experience towards the 155 hours you normally are required to have before we can start your CPL(H) flight traning. If you hold a CPL(A) you’ll get credit for 50 hours, making the minimum requirement 105 hours in a helicopter. For the PPL(A) your get 20 hours credit, making the requirement a minimum 135 hours.

For further inquires, don’t hesitate to contact us!