International projects

Filming abroad can be complicated. We offer the complete solution for your international projects.

A significant part of our Cinefflex productions take place outside of Sweden. Our productions range from live TV events such as Red Bull X-Games or the rally World Championship to breathtaking nature scenes shot for customers such as National Geographic or Discovery…

Practice makes perfect.

We ship our Cineflex systems abroad a number of times every year to shoot on location from local helicopter operators. Thanks to this, we have a well developed and tested ability to deliver demanding international projects, and above all, the knowledge and experience how to avoid potential challenges and problems that a less experienced partner might not even foresee.

As our customer, you are completely safe with us knowing how to manage everything related to your international production. All from preparations and complicated tenders to travel, local resources, customs, logistics, permissions etc. Vi deliver the whole project.

Expedition Robinson

Expedition Robinson

Nature by Cineflex 2011 missions