Cineflex – Gyro stabilized camera systems for helicopters

HeliAir Sweden has the complete package: helicopters, cameras, recorders, directing, operators and film pilots. We have more than 16 years of experience, and with with our Cineflex systems we deliver world class aerial footage.

We fly our own helicopters when filming with CIneflex in Scandinavia, outside our area of operations we easily ship the system in specially constructed Peli-cases. We are licensed to operate our Cineflex cameras in over 50 countries around the world, and are capable of broadcasting live TV with a range up to 50 kilometers.

Cineflex V14 – Gyro stabilized camera

The Cineflex V14 is a 5-axis gyro stabilized camera system that delivers images completely free from even the smallest vibrations. It has a Sony Cinealta HDC 1500 camera integrated in the carbon fibre housing that rotate a full 360°, all operated from within the helicopter. The camera delivers full bandwidth up to 4: 4: 4, and we provide a number of market-leading recorders. The Cineflex system can be mounted on helicopter, car, boat, crane or even a 4×4, and is extremely fast to set-up.

Cineflex V14 optics: Fujinon

  • V14 – HA42x (9.7-410mm) 35 mm film equivalent: 24-1000mm (up to 2000mm with extender). -The best zoom lens in the class
  • V14 – HA22x (7.8-176mm) 35 mm film equivalent: 16-360mm. -Razor sharp wide angle lens with adjustable focal length

We have custom built Matte Box to reduce unnecessary light elements.

Cineflex V14 properties:

Full HD

The built-in Sony HDC-1500 cammera delivers full HD quality images up to 1920×1080 resolution in 4:4:4 eller 4:2:2.

Extremely compact

The housing that contains the gyro stabilizing system and camera is less than 40 cm’s in diameter. He helicopter performance is unaffected. We are able to ship the whole system as checked baggage.

Several platforms

We have camera mounts for AS 350/AS35 and Bell Jet/Long Ranger. The system can also be mounted on cranes, cars, boats and 4×4 bikes.

Live link helicopter

We offer live link solutions perfect for sporting events or news broadcast.

100% stable

The optics and platform are actively adjusted more than 2 800 times every second by military grade gyros and sensors. Together with our experienced operators, this is an unbeatable combination.

Built for extreme conditions

Cineflex handles rain, snow, sand salt water and tropical heat. Our system has even been modified to cope with the low temperatures in Scandinavia (-33°C).

42x zoom

Cineflex has an incredible zoom! With a focal length of 24mm – 1000 mm (up to 2000 mm with extender) you can read the license plate of a car from several kilometers distance. When filming BBC’s Planet Earth, this is the lens that was used.

Cineflex V14 fact sheet