The helicopter is an excellent tool for lifting and transporting objects, especially in remote locations or situations where conventional methods are simply not applicable.

Mast construction

On average, we build one to three masts per week all over Scandinavia…

Mast Construction is one of the aerial work types we fly the most. Ranging from 200m high cell towers in the mountains to 40 meters GSM towers in urban areas, we build them all. We have built all of the existing types of mast constructions such as Scanmast, Wibe, Ramboll and Cue Dee, and have multiple pilots working with mast construction.

Our Huey SE-JJK has the highest lifting capacity in Sweden with 1 750 kg.

The helicopter as a lifting tool

Practially every day, all year round, we are lifting stuff with our helicopters. Our missions range from transporting construction material to islands in the archipelago to complicated lifts of fragile glass sections or air conditioners on top of high buildings in city centers.

The flight characteristics of a helicopter together with an experienced lifting pilot is an unsurpassed combination for lifting and placing objects with extreme precision!

What about price and performance?

In most situations, the helicopter is superior when compared with lifting objects with mobile cranes, both in price and performance. We normally arrive, carry out the lifting activities, and get out of there faster then the time required for the set-up of a conventional mobile crane. The cost entailed with, for example, lifting an object weighing half a ton onto a roof in a city centre, is just about the same as when using conventional methods. Sometimes even lower. Furthermore, you as a customer are free of all the hassle related to the lifting such as applications and permits, cordoning streets, reinforcements of basements and spaces below the street surface etc etc. We handle everything, and when we are done your stuff is exactly where it is supposed to be.

Is there more to it than flying?

Prior to a lifting assignment, we always complete a documented assessment including what is required from our side. This means anything from a simple briefing and review together with the customer to a complete description of methods and risk analysis in conjunction with the Swedish CAA when planning advanced lifting projects. We handle and control all aspects of the job.

All staff, equipment and ground crew required for the mission such as loaders, fuel trucks etc are included in the offer from us, hence the price comes with no surprises. All logistics related to the project is thoroughly planned, and all involved parties are informed. Weights, sizes, packages, placements are planned in detail to make sure that every single item is placed in exactly the right place.

House construction

Inaccessible, distant, or perched on a hilltop in the archipelago? No matter where you choose to build your house, we can offer an attractive alternative to conventional lifting methods.

Using a helicopter when lifting the material for your house construction gives you a lot of advantages compared to mobile cranes combined with manual labor on the ground:

  • In addition to being many times faster, the helicopter also places all the material exactly in the best place, all in order to minimize the need to lug around and move materials around during construction
  • When fitting heavy and cumbersome parties, the helicopter sets down the object in place whilst retaining almost all of the lifting force. As an example, this leaves a housing section of a tone with just a few kilograms to negotiate in place before the helicopter finally loosens the lifting devices
  • The ground at the building site and access roads will not be ruined by heavy vehicles
  • No trees or vegetation need to be cut down to provide access to the site, we just extend the lifting sling we use if there are high trees or objects at the site
  • We handle all the logistics associated with the job such as contact with construction managers, manufacturers and suppliers. Together with them we determine the weights to be lifted, the packing order, where each thing should be placed etc. You as a customer are free of all the headaches that the transport logistics normally entail when you decide to hire us
  • As soon as we have all the info we give you a fixed price for the entire job if you like. Our prices include everything, nothing is added to the invoice

Concrete molding

If you need to transport concrete to a remote location, helicopter might be the most efficient way to do it. Our buckets deliver about 1000 kg each turn and we have multiple buckets giving us the opportunity to work very efficient and deliver the concrete in a fast pace.