Our services increase the value and availability in our customer’s power networks, and we see how the emergency and disturbance issues decrease year after year for those who utilize our services for their preventive maintenance activities.

We fly thousands of hours every year for our customers in the power industry, and have an extensive range of services specialized for this. Below you find presentations and descriptions of the different types of services we offer, all from inspections and preventive measures such as vertical- and horizontal sawing, to emergency measures such as removing fallen trees from the power lines with helicopter.

We love to be an active partner in the planning and design of our customer’s preventive maintenance schemes. We know our business, and with HeliAir Sweden as your partner you will reduce the costs related to power-outs and disturbances!

Power line inspections

We inspect approximately 5 000 kilometers of power lines each year. Traditionally, this is done together with an inspector from the customer but we also supply the inspector as well delivering the whole result.

Power outage inspections

At least once or twice every year extreme winds hit some part of our country. With HeliAir Sweden as a partner you quickly sort out the situation, and resolve what measures that need to be taken when the storm had passed.

Vertical saw

The most common reason for disturbances in the power network is an object coming in contact with the power line. Cutting away twigs and branches with a helicopter operated saw guarantees a disturbance free delivery for years to come.

Top saw

Unparallelled management of high voltage power line corridors with top saw.


Corona is the technology used for inspecting power lines using ultraviolet light sensing camera filters. The equipment consists of a gyro-stabilized camera under the helicopter with a special filter that detects the ultraviolet radiation, which is the result of a power line “leaking” power. The reason could be, for example, a broken insulator, salt deposits or something else that is difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Power line stringing

With our line stringing equipment, we are the only company able to thread the cable under the tower beam from the helicopter.


There is no tool today that is more efficient than our hydraulic grapples when removing fallen trees from power lines. We clean a power line from fallen trees with a speed and precision that is impossible to imagine.

IR / Infrared camera surveys