The name says it all. Integrated Arri Alexa M with Canon 4K- zoom lenses.

Cineflex ELITE is the market leading gyro-stabilized camera system for helicopters. The proven Cineflex technology ensures high reliability and short set-up times compared to other systems. Cineflex ELITE has a built-in Arri Alexa M camera, and along with it, we offer two Canon 4K cinema zoom lenses with custom-built ND- and polarizing filters. We record in industry standards such as DNxHD, ProRes and ARRIRAW at frame rates up to 120 fps operated from a 17 “Grade One Reference Monitor. We also provide on-board DIT solutions for the delivery of material to the customer.

The Cineflex ELITE delivers incredible night scenes and cinematic depth of field. Our aerial film crews have operated Cineflex systems since 2008, and has vast experience in filming and capturing demanding scenes. In addition to the operator and the film pilot, we offer aerial director/coordinator to optimize the outcome of the assignment. We can rig the system on helicopter, boat, crane, car and 4×4, and unlike other systems on the market, no additional calibration is needed. The system is rigged by a person in under two hours and ships in only 3-5 special built Pelicases, who can also be checked in as excess weight. If needed, we also provide cargo / shipping ATA Carnet.

CINEFLEX ELITE optics: Canon Premier Lenses

  • ELITE FK30-300mm – Fantastic allround optics with incredible clarity. Steady up to 300mm without any problems
  • ELITE FK14.5-60mm – Wide-angle lens of the absolutely highest quality
  • Custom-built optical filters with IRND and polarization.

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