Commercials and feature films

We have the equipment and experience to create unparalleled production value.

With HeliAir’s CINEFLEX Elite and Arri Alexa M, we deliver aerial imagery to customers with high demands. We have produced aerials to both Swedish and foreign feature films and commercials since 2008.

Since years, our staff members work with TV and film production on the ground as well, leaving us more than well versed in how these are produced. We “speak the same language” and can assist and participate in the planning at an early stage together with the customer in order to be as cost effective as possible without compromising the director’s vision. We have extensive experience of extreme shooting conditions, such as low flights, night flying, mountains and over water.

Given our Scandinavian climate, we have developed a unique weather insurance which includes direct contact with aviation meteorologists and the ability for “weather standstill insurances” at a reduced price.

A selection of previous productions:

  • Film, Avengers 2 Age of Ultron (CINEFLEX Elite System)
  • Commercials, Volvo; The Winter’s Tale (complete series)
  • Commercials, Volvo Trucks
  • Film, Our kind of traitor
  • Film, Hamilton trilogy
  • Commercials, Telia
  • Commercials, Alcro
  • Commercials, Marbodal
  • Film, Callgirl
  • Film, Big Down
  • Movies & TV Maria Wern, 2010
  • Film, Jungle Child (Germany)
  • Commercial, Viasat Olympics
  • Film, Julie
  • Commercials, Mercedes Benz
  • Commercials, Subaru
  • Commercials, Mitsubishi
  • Commercials, Renault
  • Commercials, “Bregott”

SJ 3000 & Cineflex Helicopter

Volvo V40 commercial shot with Cineflex

HeliAir Sweden Bregott comercial