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Aram Rubinstein

CEO / Accountable Manager / Pilot

Aram is the the owner and founder of HeliAir Sweden AB. Beside running the daily business, he still spends quite some time in the air. Aram has experience from a wide range of helicopter types: BO 105, Bell 206/206L, Bell 204/205, EC 120, Hughes 269, R22, R44, AS 350, AS 355. He also pilots a number of fixed wing aircraft, and is our most experienced aerial filming and aerial work pilot.

Roland "Hoting" Olsson

Senior Advisor

Roland has a life-long career within helicopter operations. His background includes being a flight instructor in the military and a number of flight schools all the way up to the position as division leader for a helicopter division in the Swedish Armed Forces. Roland is an EASA authorized Examiner and now conducts Proficiency Checks and Skill Tests on various helicopter types.

Erik Svensson

NP Flight Operations / Chief Flying Instructor / Pilot

Erik has been with us since the end of 2013, initially he entered as Head of Training but pretty soon became our Flight Operations Manager. With the new EASA regulations the new position Erik hold is NP Flight Operations. In addition to that he act as the Chief Flying Instructor under our Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and is also an authorised Flight Examiner. Erik is licensed to fly all helicopters in our fleet and perform all of our operations.

Joel Backlund

Head of Training / NP Crew Training / Pilot

Joel is our Head of Training under our ATO and NP Crew Training under our SPO and CAT. During the autumn 2013 Joel started flying Aerial Work but is also combining the operational flying with flight training. He has several years experience as a Flight Instructor and is from 2015 also an authorised EASA Flight Examiner. Joel is certified to fly all of the helicopters type in our fleet.

Jan Yngvesson

Continued Airworthiness Manager / Maintenance Manager

Jan is our manager for both the Continuing Airworthiness (Part-M) as well as our Maintenance Manager (Part-145). Jan är både teknisk chef för den operativa verksamheten och chef för den tekniska delen av underhållet. He has vast experience, including ownership of his own companies in aviation maintenance, of both aircraft as well a large number of helicopters and several turboprop aircraft.

Anders Nilsson

Safety Manager / Complicane Monitoring Manager

Anders has a central position under all of our certificates and approvals to make sure we're compliant with all regulations and continuously increase the safety. Anders have experience from running large processes and can really identify areas to improve so we can become more effective and operate safer.

Carina Granlund


Jenny Beringer

Operation Planner

Andreas Lundmark

Pilot, Certified Helicopter Technician

Andreas is our most experienced technician. He is also a commercial pilot here att HeliAir Sweden.

Edis Altun

Pilot / Certified Helicopter Technician

Rikard Vallgren

Helicopter Mechanic

Tobias Larsson

Cineflex, responsible

Tobias is responsible for all Cineflex productions at Heliair Sweden as well as being an aerial director and operator of the Cineflex system. He has produced film and TV since 1993, and with more than 1000 hours logged operating Cineflex systems around the world he is considered as one of the best in the industry.

Johanna Berndtsson


David Schicht


Viktor Hermansen

Pilot / Ground Crew

Jonas Sundberg

Pilot / Ground Crew

Elias Johansson

Pilot / Ground Crew

Axel Hellström

Pilot / Ground Crew

Robin Hemmingsson

Pilot / Ground Crew

Tove Andreini

Navigator / Operator

A complete helicopter company for every conceivable purpose.

HeliAir Sweden is a qualified helicopter operator with several bases in Sweden, a large fleet, quality equipment for all purposes and a highly professional staff. We are specialized in aerial work and film & TV production with our own Cineflex systems, V14 HiDEF och Cineflex ELITE.

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