Expanding the Cineflex collection

Last week we visited General Dynamics in Grass Valley, California, to take delivery and operational training on our new Multi Sensor camera system.

This is the third camera system we now operate within the Cineflex family. Compared to the Cineflex Elite and V14, the multi sensor system has an Infrared Camera beside the Optical Camera to provide us with thermal images. The addition will improve our capability to do aerial surveys. Examples of mission types we could perform is IR inspection of power lines, wildlife inventory, searching for missing people and looking for hot spots after a forest fire.

As a sole operator of this system in Europe, we're unique to be able to offer this system to customers. We believe we can increase the flight safety whilst performing operations with it and that it also will have the possibility to give the customers a better result.

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HeliAir Sweden is a qualified helicopter operator with several bases in Sweden, a large fleet, quality equipment for all purposes and a highly professional staff. We are specialized in aerial work and film & TV production with our own Cineflex systems, V14 HiDEF och Cineflex ELITE.

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