• Hot Tub Master

Hot Tub delivery

This is how we delivery a hot tub to a customer. Sometimes this is the only option and in that case we are ready to make the delivery. Beside hot...
27 September 2018

Navigator for top saw operation

HeliAir Sweden AB söker bisittare för kommande såg-säsong med helikopter. Arbetet innefattar daglig flygning i en MD500 alternativt EC120 som...
19 September 2018
  • Hartill trädexpert AB

Tree felling with helicopter

This is how you cut down a tree from location where there are buildings surrounding the tree. This was done a couple of years ago with Hartill...
17 September 2018
  • Fire Fighting with Helicopters

Fire season 2018

The fire season has been hectic with a lot of forest fires and our crew have been working hard. For the firefighting operations we use different...
24 August 2018

Fire fighting affecting sightseeing flights

We have a lot of scheduled sightseeing flights. Due to the current situation in Sweden with all forest fires the scheduled flights may be affected....
22 July 2018
  • Swedcopter 901 departing HeliAir HQ

SWC901 leaving HQ for fire fighting

The current situation around Sweden with all forest fires demand a lot of personnel and equipment. We support with everything we have available. In...
20 July 2018
  • Facom Commercial

Swedcopter 958 with Facom

The commercial above from Facom was shot inside our hangar with Swedcopter 958. It was shot a while ago but here is the final result. Enjoy!
13 July 2018

Sightseeing at Kneippbyn

During this week we'll be flying local sightseeing flights from Kneippbyn with one of our EC120B. We are ready to take you onboard for a flight to...
10 July 2018

Sightseeing tours 2018

Welcome to fly with us during the summer in July at the locations below. A local sightseeing flight for 300 SEK / person. The schedule for late July...
29 June 2018
  • Summary of flights 2017

Video of flights during 2017

Time flies, litteraly. Our pilot flies rougly 600 hours each year and the video shows you some of the missions thay have done during 2017. A lot of...
20 June 2018
  • Swedcopter 901 (SE-JVP) Rebuild Time lapse

Swedcopter 901 - AS350 B3e

Say hello to Swedcopter 901, SE-JVP, a AS350 B3e. She is airworthy and will now be put into operations immediately. This is a long-awaited addition...
19 June 2018
  • Stockholm Archipelago

Transportation of material with helicopter

A very common mission for us is to transport construction material to islands in Stockholm Archipelago. In the video above we're transporting windows...
4 May 2018



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HeliAir Sweden is a qualified helicopter operator with several bases in Sweden, a large fleet, quality equipment for all purposes and a highly professional staff. We are specialized in aerial work and film & TV production with our own Cineflex systems, V14 HiDEF och Cineflex ELITE.

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